About us

TALLERES ANTUÑA SL is a company dedicated to the marketing, sale and distribution of new vehicles and IVECO Spare. Workshop also provides service, repair and Used Sales.

TALLERES ANTUÑA SL becomes active in the automotive sector in the 50's. First workshop is set free or without tying mark for later in the 60's, being named Motor Ibérica official service in the area.

Of entrepreneurship, its founder, D. Luis Antuña Campal, was always at the forefront of those technological innovations that marked the decades after sales of the 60 and 70, which is why he earned a proven reputation among regional transportation professionals, preferably in their ranges and light average.

In the late 80's, changing the representation Antuña described by IVECO. He was appointed Official Service IVECO Spain, SA, until the absorption of PEGASO by that company. at that time, June 1993, Iveco Pegaso, SA. Workshops decided to appoint Antuña, SL Official dealer for light and medium ranges. A year later, January 1994, he was appointed dealer for all brands.  


Watch video Talleres Antuña opening.

Taken up the challenge of becoming IVECO Pegaso Dealer in all ranges, the company has evolved showing significant growth both in turnover and number of employees, understanding from the beginning that the training of all staff is a key element able to develop an industry as competitive as the distribution of commercial vehicles.

Today, Luis Antuña Vigil, son of the founder, holds the management of the company, finding it in the process of expansion, culminating in this facility that will serve to provide care and service that customers deserve IVECO. In its area of influence, Antuña currently has two authorized workshops located in Avilés and Jarrio-Coaña.

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